• How much is this going to cost me?

    Zero dollars. Wedable is 100% free for couples to use! Because why would you need one more wedding expense?

  • So what makes Wedable different from all the other wedding websites?

    At Wedable, we aren’t salespeople — we’re service people. As former wedding vendors, we understand how frustrating and stressful wedding planning can be. That’s why we’ve dedicated countless hours and days to better understanding the challenges of engaged couples in order to build you most helpful wedding planning tool on the market. We’ve also created content to help you better prepare for marriage — not just your wedding day.

  • Do I actually book my vendors through the website?

    Yep! Wedable makes the process of booking vendors simple and efficient. You’ll still need to send an inquiry and set up a meeting to make sure it’s a great fit — but once you’ve agreed to work together, all payment requests will come to you through Wedable.

  • Can I pay my vendors through Wedable?

    Yes. Pretty nice, right? We’ve set up a privacy-protected payment system through WePay, which allows you to securely pay your vendors online via credit card.

  • I don’t see any vendors in my area? Are you live in my city yet?

    Hang in there! We’re still a pretty new platform, which means it might take a minute for word to spread in your area. The good news is new vendors are being added across the country every day, so keep checking back! And, make sure to share Wedable with any local vendors you love.

    In the meantime, we’re sorry you haven’t been able to find any available vendors in your area yet. If you haven’t already, check out the blog to take advantage of helpful wedding and marriage advice.

  • Does Wedable curate vendors on the site?

    Yes, we’ve done our best to show only the best vendors our site. However, we cannot guarantee that every vendor will the best vendor for you. If you have a bad experience, please let us know immediately so we can do our best to make sure it doesn’t happen again in the future.

    Pro Tip: We highly recommend meeting all your potential vendors in person to make sure they’re the perfect fit for your big day!

  • How much does Wedable cost?

    Anyone can apply to join Wedable for free! Once your application has been accepted, you’ll be able to create a profile listing, direct message with couples, and utilize other client management tools at no cost.

    Wedable is the wedding industry’s first value-for-value booking system — meaning, we refuse to profit until you profit from us. Each time you secure a booking directly through Wedable, we’ll simply apply a 7% booking fee. This does not include the 3% credit card processing fee.

  • What is a “market”?

    When you sign up to be a vendor on Wedable, you are asked to select a “market”. This basically means a larger city and its surrounding area.

    That way, when a couple types in a city that’s within or close to the “market” you selected, your profile will show up in their search results. We generally recommend choosing a market(s) in the area(s) you already work in.

  • Can I sign up for more than one market?

    Sure thing. With over 220 U.S. markets now listed on Wedable, you can effectively market your services wherever you want. If you are willing to travel for work, simply sign up for multiple markets when you setup your profile.

  • How is Wedable going to make running my business easier?

    Your Wedable dashboard has been designed to make running your business convenient and efficient, helping you keep track of your couple information and communication all in one place. When you sign in, you have instant access to a direct messaging system, a customer review and ratings system, analytics on your Wedable profile, and a searchable directory of all your booked couples information and contracts.

  • Do couples actually book me through the website?

    Yes, but not instantly. We’ll help you make the initial connection, and then you’ll be in charge of guiding the booking process however works best for your business. Once you’ve booked a couple, you’ll be able to send them a couple information request form, as well as send invoices and receive payments right within Wedable.

    More information on our invoicing system can be found in the Payment FAQ.

  • Do couples pay me through Wedable?

    Yes! We’ve partnered with WePay, a leading direct payment platform, to provide you with an integrated system that makes getting paid fast and simple. In just a couple clicks, you’ll now be able to send invoices and track all your payments right within the site.

  • Is it possible to see which couples have favorited my profile?

    In order to protect couples’ privacy, you will not be able to see the names of those who favorite you. However, every time a couple Favorites your profile, you will be notified via email! These notifications will come through as anonymous.

    Consider this our way of giving you a virtual high five.

  • Is my financial information safe when using Wedable payments?

    Safer than ever. We have partnered with WePay, an industry leader in online payments, to handle all of the credit card processing that happens through Wedable. Your clients’ financial information is sent straight to WePay, without ever being stored or accessed by Wedable. By the same security standard, all your bank account information is saved within WePay and is not stored or accessed at all by Wedable.

  • Do I have to register for a WePay account?

    If you are using Wedable as a couple, no. You’ll be able to send payments as a guest user.

    However, if you are a vendor that would like to accept payments through Wedable, you will need to register for a WePay account. If you do not already have a WePay account, you will automatically be prompted to fill out a one-step form that will get you setup when you access payments on Wedable. Learn more about WePay at WePay.com

  • How do I connect to WePay?

    This is only necessary for vendors: As you set up your Wedable profile, you'll be prompted to setup an account with WePay. It's a quick one-step form that will connect your WePay account to your Wedable account, allowing you to accept payments from within the site.

  • How do I request a payment from a client?

    You can send invoices and track payments right from your Wedable dashboard. Simply select your client within the invoice form and hit send. They will then receive an email with a link to view the invoice and pay you securely via credit card. You’ll be notified by email the moment your payment has been processed successfully.

  • Can I invoice other clients that are not Wedable couples?

    In order to honor Wedable’s booking fee, our payment system is setup to only receive payments from couples who find you on our site. Wedable will also apply the booking and credit card fees automatically to each payment, helping you avoid any extra math.

  • Is there a fee per transaction?

    Yes, on top of Wedable’s 7% booking fee there is an industry-standard credit card processing fee of 3%. WePay is the payment platform used by Wedable, which means they handle all the credit card processing, taking the place of a “credit card merchant.” All merchants charge a fee to process a credit card transaction, and WePay is the more efficient alternative.

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